Top basin "Cover58"

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Top basin "Cover58" from "PLUS + TONE" collection are produced by Italian manufacturer "Althea".

All products of "PLUS + TON" collection are scratch-proof, stain-proof, bacterial resistant, slip-proof and 100% environmentally friendly.

Certified 100% Made in Italy!

PLUS+TON Ceramic 

"...From one single fusion at very high temperatures of 1.250°, comes to life a ceramic material qualified as entirely recyclable and therefore 100% eco-friendly, derived from a productive cycle with no pollutant emissions into the atmosphere.

PLUS+TON is a ceramic surface completely scratch-proof, stain-proof, slip-proof, as well as bacterial resistant and can easily replace those products manufactured using resins, solvents and catalysts; materials that are highly pollutant and non-recyclable.

PLUS+TON uses only natural raw materials of the highest quality by just adding water and fire..." 

ParticularityBacterial resistant

This product can be customized for you personally !!!

You can additionally order this counter top washbasin with customized "Work TOP" plate. The "Work TOP" plate has a universal drain hole. The hole for the mixer can be placed on desired part of the plate.

Please contact us or send us the request if you would like to recive more information.


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