Wall shelf "Circulum Wave" in Walnussholz

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About wall shelf "Circulum Wave":

Marvellous materiality, discrete landscapes that appear as you approach, disappear as you depart; grains and veins, locally sourced and crafted, naturally.

The entire Circulum family is designed to serve and delight, to love and to leave. The combinations are many, but start with one, then go forth and and enjoy.

About "Pikka":

PIKKA is the Slovenian brand, brainchild and production line of RAKETA architects Katjuša Kranjc Kuhar and Rok Kuhar, set into orbit to bring compelling new designs to life. Their extensive experience creating beautifully functional objects and spaces comes through in everything they do – bringing beauty and utility to the environments we inhabit and the things we both admire and desire.

About "Cirkulum" collection:

Pure function dressed to thrill. Circulum, like life itself, takes us round in curious circles as we cycle through the day, through our life routines and desires – and everything in between. It’s the essentials we remember, that are most important – and the ones we also tend to misplace. Which is why we include, embrace things that impose some order on the essentials. 
Keys, wallets, glasses are typical, but it’s entirely up to you. 
One man’s essential is another woman’s frivolity.
There’s no questions, no forgetting, no excuses. Just sublime clarity. Pure function dressed to thrill. Close attention to marvellous materiality in 3 lines, 4 materials and myriad finish combinations makes it part of your wardrobe, your decor scheme, your sense and sensibilities. The same common underlying theme and tasteful, functional elegance leave it open entirely to personalisation. Do not use as directed – use as desired. 
Hang it up, admire and forget it; love it and leave it.


The plate is made of 100% walnut wood.


The Rosette is made of metall and available in three variants of finishes:

  • Polished copper (with console in black)
  • Polished chrome (with console in black)
  • Polished chrome (with console in grey)


*** This product is HAND MADE and patented!

Additional MaterialMetall
ParticularityHAND MADE
PlaceLiving room



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